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Acuity And Zoho CRM Integration

[ Automate repetitive and tedious customer service tasks by integrating Acuity with ZOHO CRM  ]

Connect Acuity Scheduling and Zoho CRM to manage appointments, customers, and sales pipeline in one place.  Appointments booked in Acuity Scheduling will be reflected in Zoho CRM, and customers will be automatically added to Zoho CRM when they book appointments. 

Online booking and scheduling

Appointment Reminders

Calendar Sync

Staff Management

Client Management  

Key aspects of integration

Sales & Marketing needs

  • Get an overview of all appointments.
  • Appointments booked in Acuity Scheduling can be viewed and managed from Zoho CRM.  
  • The integration can send automatic reminders for appointments to customers. 

Operation needs

  • Improve customer satisfaction with automated reminders.  
  • Save time by automating appointment scheduling.  
  • Reduce no-shows with automatic appointment reminders. 


[ Automate repetitive and tedious customer service tasks by integrating Acuity with ZOHO CRM ]

Convert, and sync new appointments to new or updated contacts

Adjust rescheduled appointments & Customer Follow-ups

Add the customers who purchase products, or schedule services, directly into CRM.

Specify automation logic for form intake/ subscribers .

Encourages clients to book appointments independently while capturing all the information they need.

Close more deals and automate repetitive tasks

Simplify communication strategy by configuring automated messages via SMS integrations for important use cases related to scheduling

Integrate customers into the marketing ecosystem and track their engagement patterns

Upsell or cross-sell by creating mailing lists for every relevant Acuity Scheduling order and maximizing success with each customer.

Who uses Acuity and Zoho CRM integration?

Any business that uses Zoho CRM and wants to streamline its appointment scheduling process can benefit from this integration. That includes businesses in various industries, such as healthcare, legal, financial, and real estate.
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The integration connects Acuity Scheduling with Zoho CRM, allowing for seamless communication and transfer of information between the two platforms. That includes automatic updates on client appointments, scheduling changes, and syncing contact information.

Yes, the integration allows for staff management and communication between team members. 
The integration allows easy scheduling and management of client appointments through Acuity Scheduling and Zoho CRM. You can also track appointment history and any changes or updates made within the platforms. 
Yes, the integration allows for custom forms and processes within Acuity Scheduling. These can be integrated and synced with your CRM for a seamless experience. 
The integration automatically sends appointment confirmations, reminders, and follow-up emails to clients through Acuity Scheduling. That streamlines communication and helps to reduce no-shows or missed appointments. 
Any business or industry that utilizes scheduling and appointments would benefit from the CRM  integration with Acuity Scheduling. That includes, but is not limited to, industries such as healthcare, beauty and wellness, personal training, consulting, and more. 
Yes, the integration can be helpful for small business owners. It streamlines communication and allows for efficient scheduling and follow up with clients, potentially resulting in increased productivity and profitability. 
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