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Magento And Zoho CRM Integration

Transform a round-the-clock e-commerce operation into an automated, highly efficient sales, fulfillment and marketing engine to support eCommerce growth efforts. Integrate all customer centric interactions and activities into one central platform

Easy configuration

Centralized CMS

Quick Payments

Product and Inventory Management

Reporting and analytics. 

Key aspects of integration

Operational needs

  • Organize, track, and manage your sales leads and deals 
  • Analyze customer interactions and take action quickly 
  • Improve communication between marketing, sales, and service teams 

Collaborative needs

  • Streamline the sales process with automated workflow 
  • Increase transparency and visibility into the sales pipeline 
  • Give the sales team the tools they need to succeed 

Sales needs

  • Generate and track invoices 
  • Monitor order statuses
  • Access customer purchase history 


[ Automate round-the-clock e-commerce operations ]

Improve Business Flexibility and Continuity

Flexibility to pivot based on changing sales cycles or order profiles. Optimize e-Commerce – backend CRM integration with best fit integrations and intelligent process designs.

Meet and Exceed Customer Expectations

Process shipping & delivery tracking, easy returns using automated tools available within CRM. Create and analyze transactional relationships and performances to meet strategic growth plans.

Keep track of customer interaction

 Coordinate interactions with customers. Identify request, categorize data source, classify and tag leads/ customer interactions and all appropriate conversion metrics.

Collect and leverage customer data

Analyze demographics, buying history and generate a complete sales profile where possible.

Key aspects of integration


We take a holistic approach in designing the solution considering upstream/ downstream impacts on an entire e-commerce sales process.

Data Model:

Proven logic allow us to design for maximum efficiency and outcomes.

Process Solution:

Our solution is designed to handle the complexities of local micro -fulfillment, improve performance while enabling growth by ensuring flexibility.

Who uses Magento and Zoho CRM integration?

Fit for any organization — large or small. Contact and deal management, marketing automation, data analytics, order history, invoice tracking, sales team collaboration all in a single platform.

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The integration allows for the automatic synchronization of customer and order information between the two platforms, creating a seamless data flow. This allows for more efficient management and improved decision-making capabilities. 
Our team can work with you to tailor the integration to meet your specific requirements and ensure it works seamlessly with your current systems. Please feel free to contact us for more 
Yes, security is of utmost importance to us, and all data is transferred using secure protocols to protect sensitive information. We regularly update our security measures to stay current with 
industry standards.
Yes, our solution can significantly benefit small businesses by streamlining processes and providing insights into customer behavior, ultimately helping to drive growth and improve overall efficiency. 
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