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Shopify And Zoho CRM Integration

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Connect Shopify store to ZOHO CRM system to bring Sales and Marketing departments together within a centralized business environment. Leverage a seamless control over processes and data, and offer a coordinated, unified customer management experience to team members.

Easy configuration & Integrated features.

Centralized customer management system

Quick payment and shipping tracking services.

Product and inventory management.

Reporting and analytics.

Key aspects of integration

Operational needs

  • Provide a unified customer & sales data interface and repository
  • Personalize customer interaction, response and service orchestration
  • Automate basic customer service process.

Team needs

  • Customize data sharing & access
  •  Individualize cross-departmental collaboration & sharing
  • Centralized sales and marketing data processing

Sales productivity tools

  • Automate marketing, sales, and service processes
  • Track customer status
  • Optimize Sales pipeline and upselling opportunities
  • Create and monitor targeted promotional campaigns.

Analytical needs

  • Customer behavior analysis
  • Data segmentation and leads analysis
  • Customer/ Vendor profile builds
  • Sales and marketing performance reports

Who uses Shopify and Zoho CRM integration?

Fit for any organization — large or small. Contact and deal management, marketing automation, data analytics, order history, invoice tracking, sales team collaboration all in a single platform.

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Yes, our Shopify Zoho CRM integration allows you to connect your existing Shopify store and easily manage all your customer data within Zoho CRM. 
Our Zoho Shopify integration allows you to easily track and manage your inventory through Zoho’s product and inventory management feature. 
Yes, with Zoho’s versatile CRM platform, you can manage all aspects of your sales processes,  including online and offline orders. Plus, our Shopify integration streamlines the management of  your e-commerce operations within Zoho. 
Yes, our Zoho CRM and Shopify integration allows you to easily manage and track your Shopify store’s orders and fulfillment within Zoho. That Includes the ability to create and send invoices, process payments, and ship orders. 
Absolutely! The integration is a valuable tool for small businesses, as it streamlines the management of both your sales processes and e commerce operations within one platform. That saves time and allows you to focus on growing your business. 
The Shopify Zoho integration connects your Shopify store with your Zoho CRM account. It allows for the automatic syncing of customer and order information and the ability to manage 
fulfillment and invoicing within Zoho. The integration can be set up through your Shopify admin or the Zoho Marktplace.
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