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Connect Mailshake with your ZOHO CRM to manage all your email outreach campaigns from within CRM

Mailshake Connect does that



Automatically sync lead status between Mailshake and ZOHO CRM, enhance data accuracy and reliability and eliminate manual data entry, data mismatches or lost lead.


Leverage ZOHO CRM data to craft highly personalized email content in Mailshake, improving your chances of customer engagement and conversion

Activity Tracking

Keep track of lead generation via email analytics – opens, click-through rates, and responses in Mailshake from your ZOHO CRM. Access valuable insights on email productivity, campaign and refine your cold email outreach strategies.

ZOHO CRM + Mailshake Connect = Scalability!

As your business grows, Mailshake Connect integration allows you to scale your email outreach efforts in Mailshake. Efficient marketing automation = maintaining consistency and quality in your customer outreach.

Learn how Mailshake Connect works together with ZOHO CRM

Configure it to suit your specific email outreach and marketing needs.
As your outreach efforts grow, Mailshake Connect can scale with your needs. Review and adjust configurations as required.
Sync Lead status
Configure field mapping between your ZOHO CRM and Mailshake – updates made in Mailshake also reflect back in your CRM.
Custom Fields Sync
Syncing custom fields allows you to add additional context to your contacts, helping you tailor your campaigns more precisely.
Opt-Out and Unsubscribe Sync
Compliance with email marketing regulations is crucial. Syncing opt-outs and unsubscribes ensures that you don’t send emails to contacts who have opted out.
Configure Sales Signals
Continuously monitor the performance of your Leads from CRM. Track progress and make data-driven adjustments.
Campaign Response and Engagement Sync
The ability to sync responses and engagement metrics, such as email opens, click-through rates, and social media interactions, is vital. This data helps you analyze campaign performance.


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