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Comparison Between Reporting & Analytics Metrics

Analytics Metrics


Analyzing data provides valuable insights, but their true potential is realized only when acted upon. Without action, merely reporting the fundamental metrics remains insufficient. Analytics goes a step further than reporting by addressing the crucial questions of who, what, when, where, and why. 

Sales Team Analytics Metrics

Reporting metrics:

  1. Lead Conversions (New> Trial > Customer)
  2. Customer Acquisition Cost
  3. New business – Monthly Recurring Revenue
  4. Current Customers – Annual Recurring Revenue

Reporting Metrics


  1. Which sales representatives onboard accounts have the highest customer retention rates?
  2. Which industry sectors made up the largest portion of our sales in the previous month?
  3. How many trial customers signed up for subscription within a month after the product demonstration?

Analytics Metrics

Customer Success: Reporting Vs Analytics Metrics

Reporting metrics:

  1. Customer retention
  2. Monthly Retention Rate
  3. Upsells Rate


  1. Churn rate and sales stage Churn rate is highest
  2. Sales team member breakdown by the highest generated expansion in Monthly Recurring Revenue (% increase)
  3. Breakdown of industry sectors or regions with highest retention rates > than average?

Marketing metrics: Reporting Vs Analytics Metrics

Reporting metrics:

  1. # of qualified leads
  2. Customer Acquisition Cost
  3. Customer Life Value Vs Customer Acquisition Cost


  1. What’s our revenue (monthly, quarterly etc.) broken down by lead source?
  2. Percentage breakdown for the new Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) for the <<social media platform>> campaign from <<time period>>?
  3. Which marketing channels have the lowest ROI?

To track new customers, revenue growth, Customer value and other such metrics, business must integrate the active marketing channels with the CRM, identify the Lead source and segment these metrics by channel to understand the data.

Finance metrics: Reporting vs Analytics

Reporting metrics:

  1. Net cash flow
  2. Non-recurring cash flow
  3. Refunds


  1. Profitability analysis across products, services, accounts, sales regions etc.
  2. Recurring vs non-recurring revenue analysis?

Quick rundown of a follow-up process:

  1. Assemble the results of the data analysis.
  2. Communicate findings to key players.
  3. Identify goals and the strategies to track/ change.
  4. Determine a time to check the results.
  5. Repeat analysis to assess change vs results.

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