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Business Process
Cloud based CRM/ ERP systems promise that their solutions are carved out of top-notch practices.
 While plenty of features that Zoho offer are indeed based on widely accepted process assumptions, many of these CRM/ ERP tools lack a core feature process flows that illustrate the connection between different business process procedures.
And without these visual cues potential users are left scratching their heads about how these future processes will pan out. Without these process flows, it’s like attempting to assemble a puzzle 
without the box image. It’s wise for your sanity and benefit—to pencil down these business processes with your team and hire a consultant to assist with your implementation. 
Imagine you’re about to roll out an ERP, but you’re also using a Zoho CRM system to generate quotes and estimates. means the entire ” to” process won’t be fully enveloped by the ERP project. 
Similarly, suppose you’re setting up a Zoho CRM system’s HR module, but you’ve already got an Applicant Tracking and Learning & Development systems (ATS) in place.
That implies the whole “Hire to Retire” process must be redesigned to integrate with the Zoho CRM system. 
Are you seeing the pattern here? The problem is, by not considering the full process from start to finish, there might be some golden opportunities for improvement that you could be totally overlooking. 
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