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Why Recruitment Automation May Fail?

Recruitment Automation

Automation and artificial intelligence systems in the recruitment process can create certain challenges, despite the significant advancements in machine learning and big data analysis.


Let’s talk about some drawbacks of using automated recruitment systems:

  1. Accuracy and Reliability Concerns:

While automated systems may appear appealing, they are far from flawless and can easily be thrown off by unconventional formatting choices. For example, an applicant might submit a resume with impeccable wording and exquisite design.

However, unfortunately, the automated system may fail to properly analyze this exceptionally crafted document for no apparent reason. Hence, accuracy and reliability become a major disadvantage of relying solely on automated recruitment systems.

  1. Limited Adaptation to Different Formats:

Imagine you come across an applicant who possesses extensive work experience in a similar industry and seems to be an ideal fit for the position you’re offering. Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely that such a resume would successfully pass through an AI-powered recruitment solution.

Consequently, you might end up missing out on a highly qualified candidate. Thus, the preference for selecting only standard resumes becomes a significant drawback of automated recruitment systems.

  1. Keyword Manipulation by Applicants:

Now, let’s discuss a particularly crafty group of applicants – the hackers! These individuals are well aware of how to manipulate your automated hiring system using carefully chosen keywords to convince the system that they are the perfect match.

On the other hand, candidates who are genuinely qualified might miss out simply because they haven’t optimized their resumes with the right set of keywords or aren’t aware of the tactics to hack your system with tricky words.

Should You Embrace an Automated Recruitment System? The application of recruitment automation and hiring offers both advantages and disadvantages. However, it’s worth highlighting that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Moreover, employing an AI-powered recruitment system can be quite exciting, apart from its effectiveness.

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