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Email Volume Limits Across Zoho Applications

Email Volume

Email Volume Limits for Zoho Recruit:

Email volume sending capacity varies according to your Zoho Recruit subscription:
●Standard: 250 emails/day/organization
●Professional: 500 emails/day/organization
●Enterprise: 750 emails/day/organization

A day is defined from midnight to 11:59 PM of your organization’s time zone. The daily limit encompasses Autoresponders, Email Schedulers, Macros, and direct Mass Emails. Option to enhance your daily limit to 2,500 emails is available at an extra cost.

Zoho CRM:

Mass email volume capabilities depend on your CRM subscription level:
●Standard: 250 emails/day
●Professional: 500 emails/day
●Enterprise: 1,000 emails/day
●Ultimate: 2,000 emails/day
The time zone guidelines and included functionalities mirror those of Zoho Recruit. Potential to increase the limit to 2,500 emails/day for an additional fee.

Zoho Campaign:

Varies by plan:
●Free: Up to 12,000 emails/month, max 2,000 contacts
●Email-based: $2/month for 500 emails
●Pay per email credits: $6 for 250 credits (no expiry)
●Subscriber-based: $4/month for every 500 subscribers, unlimited emails

Zoho Marketing Automation:

Unlimited monthly emails if contacts are below 100,000. Over 100,000 contacts, the limit is 10x the number of contacts. Additional bulk email pricing:
●5,000 emails/month: $5
●10,000 emails/month: $10
●25,000 emails/month: $20
●50,000 emails/month: $30
●100,000 emails/month: $60


In conclusion, Zoho provides a range of email volume limits tailored to the needs of different organizations and subscription levels across its various services.

Zoho Recruit offers limits ranging from 250 to 750 emails per day, with the option to increase this limit to 2,500 for an extra fee. Similarly, Zoho CRM provides tiered email capacities from 250 to 2,000 emails daily, with the same enhancement option available.

For more flexible email sending needs, Zoho Campaign and Zoho Marketing Automation offer varied plans based on the number of emails or subscribers, with Zoho Marketing Automation offering unlimited emails for contact lists under 100,000.

For any queries or further information about these email volume limits and subscription options, feel free to contact us.

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