Myths and Facts About Healthcare CRM

Healthcare CRM

Myth #1 CRMs are Meant for Only Sales

Facts: Healthcare CRM can also customize to automate daily operations in health care/health service organizations, besides sales.

Automating administrative tasks and improves communication between patients, providers, and vendors resulting in better performance.

CRMs assist in managing patient referrals, tracking follow-ups, and ensuring coordination of care, which might not be the primary focus of an EHR system.

Myth #2 An EHR system is the same as a CRM

Facts: While EHRs manage clinical scheduling, CRMs often offer more advanced scheduling capabilities, including patient self-scheduling, automated reminders, and managing appointments across multiple locations or providers.

CRMs allow healthcare providers to engage with patients beyond clinical interactions.

They facilitate communication through appointment reminders, follow-up notifications, and personalized messages, fostering stronger patient-provider relationships.

In addition, a healthcare CRM can also assist in managing patient referrals, tracking follow-ups, and ensuring continuity of care, which might not be the primary focus of an EHR system.

Integrating both systems allows healthcare organizations to combine clinical and non-clinical data, enabling a more comprehensive approach to patient care, communication, and relationship management.

Myth #3 It is easy to integrate a CRM with an EHR or existing business process systems

Facts: Healthcare processes are often highly specialized and unique to each organization. Customizing and configuring the CRM to align with specific healthcare workflows, compliance requirements (such as HIPAA in the US), and data security measures may require carefully analyzed customization.

Compatibility issues might arise if the systems use different data formats, standards, or protocols.
Transferring data from existing systems to the healthcare CRM and mapping data fields accurately can be a complex task.

Ensure the correct migration of patient records, appointment schedules, medical history, and other crucial data without loss or corruption.

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